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Bouxbart™ (boob-art, boo-bart) is my Trademark for my painting style that is literally "impressionistic" painting inspired by beautiful things in nature and me missing my husband who was working abroad. What started as a tease ended up as a passion. After a year of painting for my husband, my mother had a mastectomy and then I a partial mastectomy. I then started painting more, using them for good while I have them.

The layering of colors in the objects are truly magnificent and the different techniques intriguing. Let your mind wonder at how "titillating" these paintings are.

So my paintings are literally close to my heart. Each painting is an original with the "paint brush" work done in non-toxic Acrylic.

Who is Tuttidee? That's me. That's what my dad called me so to honor him as well as my mother through my paintings, I sign all my paintings with: Bouxbart™ by Tuttidee. My father passed in 2010 and my mother is currently 91 and living well.

Bouxbart watermark is not on actual paintings.

All monies donated for paintings go directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation:

For "Donate & Take" paintings at McKinney Wine Merchant, contact [email protected]

A Stop Along the Path

Walking in the springtime you see so many colors and different types of flower. I like to walk along the paths in our neighborhood where I am sure to find flowers dancing in the sun and wind. This painting is 24” x 30”

Bouxb On Its at the Winery

There is a winery in the country just a few minutes from our house that has bluebonnets in the spring. This painting is from a photo I took there last year. The background is done with the impression technique with multiple green hues. The Bouxb On Its are done in two blue hues and brilliant white. I just love them. This painting is 16” x 20”

Sunflowers in the Spring

Sunflowers are such a “happy” flower. They dance in the breeze, shine their entire face to sunlight and produce a delicious seed! They are so much fun!! This painting is 40” x 30”

Flour de Jour

The background is done in my favorite wash technique. This bouquet of flowers is done in the Bouxbart™ smear technique with a touch of change. Instead of using a palette I dropped the paint onto this giant canvas and swirled to smeared the paint around. Not an easy painting to do but I think it came out great! This painting is 48” x 36”

Bouxb On It Drive

Each spring we always seem to drive past a huge field of bluebonnets somewhere in north or central Texas. If you stop for a photo op be sure to watch for snakes! This painting has the sky done in the smear technique and the grass, flowers and leaves done in the imPRESSion technique. This painting is 40" x 30"

The Deep Blue Sea

Some snorkeling locations just make you want to jump in and dive down to the bottom. This Bouxbart™ is done totally in a smear technique with five hues of blue. It's so calming and reminiscent of Maui.. This painting is 48" x 36"

Bold and Beautiful

At the luau on Maui we saw so many beautiful flowers and costumes on the dancers. They may not have looked like this but the colors inspired this imPRESSionistic painting. Aloha! This painting is 18” x 24”


On the golf course there were bougainvilleas lining the fairways. They were magnificent. So many colors all growing together. My husband renamed this imPRESSion of them, Bouxbainvilleas. This painting is 18” x 24”

Mama's Fish House, Maui

On our trip to Maui in 2021 we had lunch at Mamma’s Fish House and there were flowers everywhere! They were as beautiful as the food was good. This is just one of the flowers that captured my attention. My rendition is done in three hues of red and the greenery is in two hues of green and bright yellow. This painting is 18” x 24”

Under The Sea

Inspired by our snorkeling adventure while on vacation on Maui, there was much to see under the sea! The background is done in a wash technique while the rest of the painting is done using multiple Bouxbart™ techniques: the press, the smear and the nudge. This painting is 18” x 24”

Seven Sacred Pools, Maui

Late 2021 we went to Hawaii and I decided to do a series of images from that trip. This is an impressionistic view of the ocean from a lookout point at the Seven Sacred Pools. Looking at this sends me back to the peaceful feeling of watching the waves roll in. The background is done in a wash technique with the foliage done in original Bouxbart™ impression technique. This painting is 24” x 30”

Texas Beach Dunes

Multiple layers and colors of Bouxbart™ covers this canvas view of a South Texas beach overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. This painting is 24” x 30”

Plentiful Poinsettias

Brighten your holidays with these perpetual plentiful poinsettias that I am particularly passionate about. The first time I tried to create poinsettias is when I discovered my “squeeze and press” technique. No mammogram here. Just handy work. This painting is 30” x 40”

Circle of Hope

Silver and Gold are precious metals. You are precious and unique. Enjoy the spender of those closest to you that create your Circle of Hope. This painting is 30” x 40”

Springtime on the Lily Pond

Multiple Bouxbart™ techniques used here atop of the raindrop background. Inspired by Monet’s many paintings of his lily pond with more vibrant colors. This painting is 30” x 40”

Splash of Sunshine

A Splash of Sunshine Bouxbart™ impression of summertime. Titillating, isn’t it? This painting is 18” x 24”

Aspen Glow

The background is painted with a watercolor wash in blue to capture a little sky. The trees, leaves and snow are all done with Bouxbart™ impression & smear techniques in multiple layers. This painting is 30” x 40”

Texas Proud

We are proud of our heritage in Texas. This painting has a color wash background in green and blue. The flowers are impressed with blues and white. The leaves are impressed with 2-3 hues of green. The stems are hand painted. Private Collection

Weekend Drive

A combination of Bouxbart™ techniques covers this canvas view of the North Texas hills and sky. Are you abreast of the rolling hills in North Texas? Take a drive on the back roads. This painting is 24” x 30” $300 suggested donation

Green Lily Pond

More subtle but still bold in the the lily colors, this painting has two Bouxbart™ techniques and is full of motion and peace. This painting is 36" x 48" $500 Suggested donation


The ancient Greeks believed that there were four elements that everything was made up of: earth, water, air, and fire. This theory was suggested around 450 BC, and it was later supported by Aristotle. This painting is 24” x 30” $300 suggested donation


Aren’t they? I just love bold colors and these Beauties just make me happy. Nipping atop the color washed background are two Bouxbart™ techniques. Stems done with a paintbrush. This painting is 36” x 36” Private Collection