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Bouxbart™ by Tuttidee

Bouxbart™ (boob-art) is literally impressionistic painting inspired by beautiful things in nature and me longing for my husband who was working over seas. What started out as a tease for him turned into something more. Yes, I paint with my breasts. The layering of colors is truly magnificent and the different techniques intriguing. Let your mind wonder at how "titillating" these paintings are. After a year of painting for my husband, my mother had a mastectomy and I, a partial mastectomy. I decided at that time to "use them for 'good' while I have them". My paintings are literally close to my heart.

Who is Tuttidee? That is what my dad called me. He passed in 2010 so to also honor him by signing my paintings with my nickname.

100% of the proceeds of Bouxbart™ paintings go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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The Original Bouxbart™ by Tuttidee

Welcome to Bouxbart™ and Limited Editions by Darlene. That's me!

I am a child of God, wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, oily lady, artist, wineaux, music lover, foodie and "Party in a Box", as my friends calls me.

I love sharing the good things in life which are all those listed above and then some. This website is one way I do that.

I am on Facebook and Instagram.

We, my man, Bob, and I, (married over 34 years) have created a life we love and enjoy every single day. If it's not fun or with a purpose, we aren't doing it.

Welcome and Jump in!