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May 4, 2022 join me on my Facebook page, Bouxbart, for a LIVE sale at 7PM CST. These items make great Mother's Day gifts and are from my all NEW Small Things Collection

What is Bouxbart™?

Bouxbart™ (boob-art) is literally impressionistic painting inspired by beautiful things in nature and me longing for my husband who was working over seas. Yes, I paint with my breasts.
 The layering of colors in the objects are truly magnificent and the different techniques intriguing. Let your mind wonder at how "titillating" these paintings are. After a year of painting for my husband, my mother had a mastectomy and I, a partial mastectomy. My paintings are literally close to my heart.

100% of the proceeds of Bouxbart™ paintings go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

On Facebook @Bouxbart 

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